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Founder Susan Stames Hall
We are very grateful for all of YOU!

Susan Hall
Founder & Executive Director
The Angel's Depot
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Photograph compliments of the North County Times, May 4, 2008

Founder's Letter

Hi Folks . . .

Happy New Year! Can you believe we are gearing up for our 9th Annual SOUP & BEANS Contest?

CLICK HERE to download the SOUP & BEANS Contest Flyer to enter . . .
HELP!!! Our February 2016 Goal: 25,000 CANS!

Senior hunger
FEED - A - SENIOR . . . costs only $25 per month to feed a senior for a full week . . . these are folks who skip meals and doses of medicine to survive between Social Security checks. Please do what you can to help them. They are older Americans who are fragile, lack transportation and funds to purchase food. Their average monthly income is $850. Think about it . . . could you live on $850 each month? Read our Feed-A-Senior flyer.


Here is Baby Timmothy and 10-Month Old Timmothy . . . Tim Tat is almost grown up!


Stay tuned for photos of our recently rescued Depot Mascot Kitties “Angel Baby” and “Depot Dave!”


It is hard to believe that we have moved out of the Vista Technology Center after more than 9 years! We found a larger site . . . with great visibility . . . owned by very kind local gents David Jacinto and Paul Marx, who have been terrific new landlords . . . and operated by David's son Paul Jacinto (former Padre player), who is calling in favors to get all the tenant improvements finished before August 31 . . . they believe in The Angel's Depot and our mission to feed local needy seniors. The Depot is lucky to have found our new home!


Channel 8 News Anchor Dan Cohen with wife Paige (left) and new landlord Paul Jacinto
with wife Elizabeth, at the 9th Annual "Angel's Day at the Races" . . . . These new
friends have children ages 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 . . . Legoland here they come!


We are sooo proud of our friends at the Helen Woodward Animal Center for providing “AniMeals” 2,079 times for the pets of our needy seniors. Each of the 2,079 times – they gave pet food for 30 days, that amounts to 62,370 pet meals!  Our seniors and their pets are so very grateful to the Helen Woodward Animal Center for their gifts of “AniMeals." The collaboration with The Angel's Depot is a beautiful example of two community nonprofits working well together with great enthusiasm. We all know how important pets are to the wellbeing of our lonely and isolated seniors. Sometimes their pet is their last friend. We also know they would likely feed their beloved pets from their Senior Emergency Meal Boxes if they have no other food for them. This gift of pet food is truly a blessing and every senior gets food for an entire month! Please see the AniMeals” page.


4 Seconds in the Life of a Kitten Adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center!

Stay tuned . . . more exciting news to come . . . as always . . . YOU are the wind beneath our WINGS . . . we couldn’t make this program happen without all of YOU!


Chasey Boy (Puggle adopted from Helen Woodward in 2013) has never had a kitty who liked him.  Tangee loves Chasey Boy and he’s all Goo-Goo Eyed about it.

Awards – Susan Stames Hall – Founder & Executive Director - The Angel's Depot

2006 – Susan Hall received Channel 10 News Leadership Award on May 31, 2006 at The Angel’s Depot Grand Opening; event was filmed by Channel News film crew and feature story ran on television and on Channel 10 website.

2007 – Susan Hall received San Diego Business Journal "Women Who Mean Business Award"

2009 – Susan Hall received San Diego Business Journal “Healthcare Champion” Award

2011 – Susan Hall named one of five national finalists in the AARP Hunger Hero Contest (American Association of Retired Persons). 

2012 – Susan Hall named “2012 Woman of the Year” by California State Assemblyman Martin Garrick, 74th Assembly District in California; she received the award on March 26, 2012 on the Floor of the Assembly.

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