Info on Volunteering

We rely on our corps of over . . . 5,800 . . . dedicated VOLUNTEERS

Here’s how our VOLUNTEERS Step UP!
Initiate Food Drives
Pack Senior Emergency Meal Boxes
Stamp/Label Food Items
Check Expiration Dates
Re-Package Brown Rice & Oatmeal
Assemble Boxes
Stuff & Label Bulk Mailings
Computer Data Input
Answer Office Phones
Office Filing
Warehouse Handyman & Maintenance
Event Photographer
Staff Special Event Fundraisers

Much More!

Our volunteers are the "wind beneath our wings!"

From June 2006 through March 2016

volunteers have donated over

47,649 Hours!

We always have a good volunteer project.
Please, make plans to volunteer today . . . send an email to

March 2016 Volunteer Report . . . check out our VOLUNTEER POWER!!!

Volunteers on the Job

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